Site No.26: Shelbyville and Gun Lake


Shelbyville, a station on the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad in 1870, was a typical railroad town. It was named after Mr. Shelby who was the first train station agent there. The settlement’s name was originally Shelby, but there was already a town in Michigan by that name so they added the “ville”.

Some wanted to call the town Meredith after another resident. But Mr. Meredith didn’t like the idea of the train conductor calling out his name every time the train went through town and nixed the idea.

The depot at Shelbyville, ca 1900.

If you are looking for a great place to relax, enjoy a picnic lunch, or go for a refreshing swim, Gun Lake is just three short miles from Shelbyville. To get there, head east on 124th Avenue and follow it until it ends at Gun Lake.

Gun Lake


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