Site No.24: The Village of Hopkins


Hopkins is one of many towns that were devastated by fires in the days before electricity. Hopkins was first settled in 1870 when the K.A. & G.R. Railroad came through the area. The name Hopkins was chosen to honor Stephen Hopkins, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, who was an ancestor of R.C. Round, the first settler in the Township.


As the above photo shows, Hopkins in 1888 was a thriving little town. This is Water Street. From right to left: the drug store, post office, Andrew Bee Tin Shop, Watkins Store, bank, Orrie Gordon (dry goods), Dendel Store, Millinery Shop, the Hopkins Hotel, and a mill (far left that burned down later).

But on July 25, 1920 the town experienced a traumatic event when the Hopkins business district was destroyed by fire. Within forty-five minutes of its discovery, both sides of the town were a roaring blaze.


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