Site No.2: Pine Creek - Where did the town go?


Can you see it?  Well, you will have to use your imagination.  From around 1830 until about 1900 this was the location of New Rochester (or sometimes called Pine Creek), a thriving town and an important stopover for westbound wagon trains.  The town is gone now, but the story and memories remain.

Pine Creek

A glimpse of the ghost town.  The above photo was taken about 1900.  In the foreground is the blacksmith shop of G.W. Morter.  Only a few of the town’s buildings are shown here.  There were two sawmills, a gristmill, and a cider mill, besides stores, a school, a church and many residences.

Under water!  That’s where the town would soon be!  All of the land where this town stood would soon be under water due to the construction of the Pine Creek Dam in 1903.  Before it was flooded, the village buildings were moved, some to Otsego, and some to other places to start anew.


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