About the Trail


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In 1998, the concept of a heritage trail started and planning began. 

The Allegan County Tourist Council hired the services of a planner to help put together the 122-mile tour with 28 historical sites, and produced a map with the help of Allegan County Land Information Services.  A Guidebook was produced with the help of the planner in 2003.  Audio CDs were added, narrated by 18 historians from the county, for listening to while driving between sites.  Interpretive signs have been installed at many of the 28 sites.

The best way to experience the Allegan County Heritage Trail is to use the Heritage Trail Guidebook along with the accompanying audios. The Guidebook is a forty-page booklet that highlights all 28 Trail sites with pictures, stories, and other points of interest and can be viewed online, downloaded or printed. Truly, this Guidebook is a mini-history book of Allegan County. The audio files are comprised of recordings from over fifteen local historians and residents further detailing the history of Allegan County. These recordings provide additional information to that which is available in the guidebook. The information is presented in a historical context and many of the stories of the “old days” are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!


Shelbyville Depot 1900 Plainwell
Depot at Shelbyville in 1900 Main St. in Plainwell in late 1800's